KOMTRAX for Tier 4

KOMTRAX for Tier 4

KOMTRAX for Tier 4

KOMTRAX 5.0 is the most sophisticated KOMTRAX to date and is standard equipment on Komatsu Tier 4 models. Some features are specific to certain models. Contact your Komatsu Distributor for more information.


KOMTRAX 5.0 is designed to provide you data that increases your peace of mind.
You’ll be confident:

  1. Knowing that your operators are taking full advantage of the efficiencies designed into the machines.
  2. Knowing that the machines' Tier 4 technologies are working seamlessly doing their job removing soot and nitrous oxides from the exhaust.


In addition to the information reported in earlier versions of KOMTRAX, KOMTRAX 5.0 includes:

  • KDPF (Komatsu Diesel Particulates Filter) soot count
  • Active Regeneration Time
  • Fuel used during active regeneration
  • KDPF cautions
  • Residual Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) level
  • Operator ID

KOMTRAX 5.0 also enhanced abilities to report:

  • Travel Hours
  • Travel Distances
  • Working Modes
  • Cycle Times
  • Max Speed