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Why is KOMTRAX included on Komatsu machines?

We at Komatsu believe that using KOMTRAX data will help you lower owning and operating costs and avoid downtime. Thus positively adding to your Komatsu ownership experience.

What is the monthly fee to the customer for the KOMTRAX service?

There are no charges for KOMTRAX or KOMTRAX Plus related communication services. These related services include access to the Komatsu Web Site, Web Services, Customized Reporting or Smart Phone App.

Can I get access to my KOMTRAX data without having to visit the web application?

Yes, there are many ways to access KOMTRAX data. In addition to visiting the KOMTRAX web site, there is a Web Service available that allows integration into ERPs business systems, a Smart Phone App for those on the go, email/phone alerts and customized reports. All these services are available for the asking. Just contact your local Komatsu distributor.

Can KOMTRAX be installed on other machines that are not KOMATSU make and model?

Yes, KOMTRAX can be installed on any machine that has a 12V or 24V electrical system. Functionality is limited to service meter reading (SMR), location, machine on/off times and engine lock.

Who do I contact when I have a KOMTRAX question?

Contact your local distributor KOMTRAX coordinator. Use the distributor locator to find your closest distributor. Or email the Komatsu KOMTRAX group at