Articulated Trucks

Articulated trucks need the ability to go just about anywhere, through just about anything to do their job. Komatsu articulated trucks have that capability and do it with style. These Tier 4 Final trucks have Komatsu Traction Control which automatically engages the inter axle differential lock to prevent wheel spin and ensure optimal machine performance in soft ground conditions. The operator is center- located for a wide view of the work area ahead and a true training seat is just to the operator’s left.

  • HM300-5


    Gross HP: 332 @2000 rpm

    Max. Gross Vehicle Weight: 117,892 lbs

    Capacity: 30.9 tons

  • HM400-5


    Gross HP: 473 @2000 rpm

    Max. Gross Vehicle Weight: 165,644 lbs

    Capacity: 44.1 tons